Nutella Me All Over!

After having a crazy weekend of working, my case of the Mondays was something fierce. I headed to Apothecary to enjoy a little vino, try something sweet and gab with my friend Emily.

I had heard they were in the process of revamping their menu and will be featuring some goodies devised by Chef Johnny Romo. Daily they have been featuring their latest creations on their Facebook page and the one that caught my eye was the Nutella Crepe. The page promised it to be “quite possibly the sexiest plate featured at Apothecary” and me being a sucker for visually appealing dishes, I had to try it. But let’s be real…anything with Nutella in it, has to be is good!

Nutella Crepe

They smother Nutella on to fluffy crepes and then tightly wrap them to be sliced into small rolls. The rolls are dowsed in a yummy port and berries sauce and topped with a light fresh whipped crème. After savoring the first few bites, the crepes quickly disappeared from the plate. I wasn’t a complete glutton, I did allow Emily to enjoy a few bites. I found the nuttiness of the Nutella comforting. The port berry sauce not to be too sweet and the berries still a little tart. Nice. The crepes were the right consistency. After the crepes vanished, I found myself dipping my finger and dragging it across the plate. As my index finger dragged across the plate, it quickly and efficiently covered itself with the leftover mixture of Nutella and the port berry sauce. Then ever so coolly I slowing brought my finger to my lips and allowed the flavors to mingle on my tongue. I wanted to prolong the experience as much as I could. I repeated this step a few times and then relinquished our plate to the server. I will definitely be making a repeat order the next time I stroll in. It was the perfect ending to a crappy Monday.

As Emily and I were leaving, I had a total foodie rockstar moment and met Tyson Cole. He was sharing one of the antipasto plates and bottle of white wine with his beautiful wife, Rebekkah. He was ever so cool and humble as we discussed my experiences at Uchi, how we came across Apothecary and our appreciation for Nutella. He too is a fan. In the world of chefs, there are a few divas, it’s nice to meet the chefs who still appreciate their fan base and who remain down to earth.

Apothecary Café & Wine Bar –


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