An Urban Review

I had the pleasure of tasting Urban’s upcoming menu (launching Oct 1st) by Chef Mizael Saucedo (formerly of Bess Bistro and Fonda San Miguel).  After eating a raw lunch, I was dying for some warm “comfort” food.

Tasting Menu

Being new to the food blogging community, this was my first official tasting. Excitement isn’t a word to describe what I felt, more like elated. Reviewing the “menu”, I was overwhelmed with choices and then I quickly realized I didn’t have to pick, I was going to taste it all!

Sweet Corn Bisque w/ Roast Corn Pico de Gallo

They couldn’t have picked a better way to start but with the Sweet Corn Bisque and Roast Corn Pico de Gallo.  The pico was fresh and presented delightfully. The bisque was rich and creamy. It would be perfect for a cold day. Well, actually perfect for any day. I was sad to see it end.

Grilled Crab Cake & Texas Quail

The next course was the Texas Quail on green tomato chow chow with grits and Guajillo honey and the Grilled Crab Cake with avocado, micro cilantro and dynamite sauce. The grits were excellent. I found myself scrapping the plate to gather every last grit. The honey was beautiful. I had to look up Guajillo and found it to be a type of pepper used in Mexican cuisine. It added just a little bite to the honey. Nice. The crab cake was more like a deconstructed crab cake. It was fresh and flavorful. The dynamite sauce and avocado complimented the cake well. The cake was quickly devoured.

Texas Spinach Salad & Steak Salad

The salad course was wonderful. It consisted of all the elements I could stand behind in a salad. The Texas Spinach Salad had a warm bacon vinaigrette and sunny side up egg. I could eat salad every day if it had this bacon vinaigrette on it. The other salad was the Steak Salad on butter lettuce with candied pecans and achiote vinaigrette. The steak was tender. I would take each bite, slather the vinaigrette all over and wrap the lettuce around it. Delicious.

Butternut Squash Risotto

Next came out the Butternut Squash Risotto with wild mushrooms, sage and wilted chard. It was a nice reminder that fall was around the corner.

Seared Tuna

The Seared Tuna with fingerling potatoes and truffle vinaigrette. It had purple fingerling potatoes! What a pretty plate! Admittedly my first bite was one of the fingerling. I never had one before. Hardy.

Berkshire Prime Rib of Pork

After the tuna, I sampled the Berkshire Prime Rib of Pork with sautéed apples, pearl onions and caramelized soy. Have you had caramelized soy? It was amazing. A perfect sauce with the pork and apples. Yum!

Bar Steak

Last of the entrees was the Bar Steak – Strube Ranch flat iron steak with chile arbol chimichurri sauce. I usually like my steak bare but I really enjoyed the chimichurri sauce.  I even used it as a dipping sauce for my salt & pepper fries.

Avocado Tres Leches

The final round was the Avocado Tres Leches with sun-dried creme fraiche. What an interesting concept! I would have never thought to put those together. I recently saw a chef making avocado mousse on a cooking show and wondered how that would taste. So when I saw this on the tasting menu, I was thrilled. It was good. I caught a few hints of the avocado in each bite. I thought the sun-dried creme fraiche was lovely and I could see that translating to other dishes, not just dessert.

Overall, Urban had a tasty selection to choose from and I could see it appealing to a variety of taste buds. I found the staff to be accommodating and eager to receive feedback and answer questions. I am definitely interested in trying the brunch next. Keep you posted.

Urban, An American Grill (in the Westin) – 11301 domain drive, austin, tx 78758 – @urbandomain


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